Friday, November 8, 2013

Marcy goes to Edgar

I said I'd post here more, didn't I? Well, I missed a bit or two that I put on my FB page... but here's the freshest chunk, unedited, from Rubberman's Cage:


The only way into this area was through the open gate, with a sign at its apex reading “Edgar's Refuge”. At the gate stood two guards, one on either side. They wore their clothing in similar ways, with extra padding around the shins, and stiff armour plates strapped to their shoulders and forearms. They each held a spear; just metal banged into a long, pointy shape.
“Edgar's refuse,” Marcy huffed as they came within sight, “Just try not to cause problems, Lenth.”
“Yeah. Don't volunteer where you're from if you don't have to. Unless you're asked. Be honest if asked, but if you're not asked, play it cool. As if you were born here. In fact, let me do most of the talking, yeah?”
“I guess, Marcy. Sure.”
When the guards saw Lenth and Marcy, and the fact that they were carrying weapons, everyone shifted their stance just a little. With Lenth half a step behind her, Marcy stopped in front of the guards. “Hey, boys.”
“Marcy,” one of the guards said with a respectful nod, “you and your friend look ready for trouble. Are you bringing us trouble?”
“Nope. Lookin' to solve some. Heard about the stabbings?”
The guard nodded with a smarmy look on his face. “Sounds like Mike pissed off the wrong guy.”
“Mike didn't do anything before Six had a knife to my throat.”
“Sure,” the guard answered.
“Think what you want, but the pile of people Six cut through on his way out sure didn't deserve it!” Marcy said.
That took some wind out of the guard's sails. “Ugh. How many people?”
“A dozen? Probably about four died. I didn't stay and count. We went to get some gear and get searching for Six before he hurts a pile of more people.”
“-and before he came to the Citizenry, he killed at least seven people.” Lenth added. He glanced at Marcy, who gave him a mild glare. A little 'shut up Lenth' glare.
“Before he came to the Citizenry?” the guard asked, “so he's a lofu? Been a while since we've had one of those around. Never a good sign. So, what, he killed seven lofus, and four or more Citizens? Eleven?”
“Congratulations,” Marcy said, “you can add. Any idea where we can find him?”
“She should probably talk to Edgar, the first guard said to the other, “kinda now. Okay, Marcy. You and your buddy can go see Edgar. No trouble, all right?”

“Got it.”

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