Wednesday, November 7, 2018

When I wrote my first book, Lifehack, I intended it as a stand-alone one-off, (OMG, I R RITE A BUK???) but it had started a world I could tell other stories in. Watching Yute and Echoes or Erebus follow the same world, and have some recurring characters, but have different feels to them.

Lifehack was pretty 'hollywood', with a couple cities worth of casualties and fun over-the-top weaponry here and there, and a big happy ending. Watching Yute was intentionally a downer, with smaller battles and far smaller, but much more personal deathcount. Echoes of Erebus was somewhere in-between, but was pretty heavvvvy sci fi with the main character not even being human. And I call those 3 books a series. They DO have a continuity for that world and while they're readable separately, there are aspects that impact the next book.

But as a series, it wasn't well planned out.

Then we have the Rubberman series. I'm working on the 3rd book, and still following, more or less, the plan I made for the series. They're still readable separately but are much more tightly linked, thematically, and in the characters involved.

I had a plan for at least 4 books in the series, with an open end that could lead into other things, but as I chip away at book 3 of Rubberman, I find the concept set for 3 might not provide enough content for a book...

Which means, book 3 might end up being the original concepts for 3 and 4.

Which means, "Rubberman's Blackout".... might not be the title...and that bigger things will happen in it that was planned for book 3. It COULD be the end of the ... initial series.

As for what happens in the wake of the events of book 3/4?


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Rubberman's Blackout peek

Hey, maybe I'll use this blog a little more now- my updates more reliably found on FB at my Rubberhack page- but it's a little messier to link to posts from there than from here to twitter... so here we are. ANYWAY, here's a snip, unedited and not-so-proofread from Rubberman's Blackout, the in-progress 3rd book in the Rubberman series.

We join Lenth checking up on Leena in the sealed-off Citizenry though the big, closed, door joining it to the Grand Elevator shaft. Formatting, as usually, nerfed by HTML format junk.

Lenth gave the thick metal door a couple of hard knocks, pounding with the base of his fist. The sound echoed in the shaft. He was unsure how much of the sound would get through the door, and of the other door on the other end of the loading bay was stuck closed, there'd be no way to hear.

Wait, that was dumb, the other door was only closed when the Messenger came with the Grand Elevator. Before he could ponder it any further, a voice came through the door.

“Hi? Someone out there?”
“Leena?” Lenth yelled back, “are you okay?”
“We lost lights in here! It's so dark!”
“Yeah, lights went out everywhere. People are trying to fix it, figure it out. But people are behaving in there?”

It was a legitimate, literal concern. Until recently, Citizenry was known for nothing but misbehaving, and hurting each other. It might have been 'solved' by most measure, but this darkness was a daunting new element.

“Yeah,” came Leena's tired voice. “as far as I can tell. But everyone's kinda freaked out. Some people are saying Actual is punishing us for... well, the past-”

“No, no, tell them no. In fact, feel free to say that Messenger says so.” Lenth didn't think Messenger would mind Lenth lying on his behalf.
“Whenever anyone said something like Actual judging us, I try to tell them otherwise. I mean, we both met him, he's not the type, right? I can only imagine what that blowhard Edgar would be saying if he were still here.”
“Well, thankfully he's not here, Leena. Just relax. We're all doing our best to figure it out and fix it out here.”

“Lenth...” Leena said, barely though enough to be heard through the door. “It is... was this caused by the Enemy?”
The thought hit Lenth hard enough that he nearly slipped his grip on the ladder. Lenth and Leena had both seen the flying enemy above in the space above Actual. It patrolled regularly, dumping an unusual radiation everywhere above, making conditions unlivable; its' power flooding everywhere.

“Leena... the Enemy hasn't done anything to us in generations. Not since the big war, as far as anyone can remember. I don't see why they would attack now.”
“... fine. But what else would it be?”
“Things break. This is probably just a repair. We just have to find it, and make sure everyone's safe until it is.”
“Are you sure it wasn't the Enemy?”

There was no way of knowing right now. How would the Enemy do it? Whatever force it could press against them surely would be noticed. There's be... something. Or maybe the blackout was that first thing. It made Lenth wonder what could be next. But that was a thought he'd keep to himself. NO need for Citizens panicking. “Of course.”

He'd take too long to reply, and now he was answered with a pause of silence.
“Food and water are all right?” Lenth asked.
“I hate to say it, but it might be smart to not go through them too fast.”
“You mean water might run out too?!” Leela yelped without thinking.
“Citizenry gets water from a reserve of water that usually gets refilled by pumps sending freshly filtered water from-”
“How long?” Leena asked, voice now controlled, not wanting to give fellow Citizens reasons to panic.
“A good while. Maybe not bathe or use water to make dizzy water for a while until this is fixed. It just kind of makes sense.”
“How long?”

Lenth didn't have an answer. “We... we're working on it.”
Leena replied after a moment. “We... the Citizens... are trapped in here if these doors can't get power to unlock. Should we be trying to break out? Break the door? Find another tunnel?”

The door had held up for generations. Another tunnel... maybe. “Leena. Save your strength. We... I'll get you out.”

“You better, Lofu.”

Lenth banged on the door twice with the base of his fist. “Be good.”

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


A story of oppression and loss, of uprising and joys. Rubberman's Citizens pushes through grim tyranny with the courage, compassion, and humour of those forced to fight troubled times.

The first book in the series, Rubberman's Cage, serves as a broad introduction to most of the regions inside the series environment.
Rubberman's Citizens takes a closer look into one region's history, and by the end of the tale of Citizenry, we are pushed forward into the future of the inhabitants, and the vast environment itself.

In Citizenry, Leena knew cruelty was normal.

Order was kept by Warren, through intimidation and abuse.
Normal meant deliveries from above, supplies from the great, unknowable, Actual.
Normal meant hating the lessers who live below.
Normal meant routine public degradation.
Normal meant hearing screams, and knowing no one dared help.

Normal was knowing that tomorrow, it could be your own screams being ignored.

Leena found a way to help.
Leena found a chance.
Leena discovered revolution.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Rubberman's Cage AudioBook is out! (And Citizens Update)

It's finally out!
It's on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Keep in mind, if you get a free trial account at Audible, you can grab Rubberman's Cage free!

U.S. Audible, Canadian Audible

Our hero, Lenth, has grown up in a very small, controlled space with three 'Brothers' and a silent rubber-clad master above them, who directs daily activities, and can electrocute them if they disobey... but this is normal- it's what they grew up with. Driven to 'wake' a dead Brother, Lenth manages to escape into new spaces, and meet people he never knew existed.

Revelations about his world as he explores are complicated by a killer- who shares more than a little background with our hero.

Rubberman's Citizens Update:

The book is in its final edit run (once again in my own hands), then off to the presses! Conversion to Ebook and hardcover will follow, as usual, but now it might also get an audio treatment!

Just to catch you up- Rubberman's Citizens focuses on one area discovered in Rubberman's Cage. Its history of savage, abusive leadership, the struggle to rise and overcome, then create a form of society. Leena steps up as the main character, bringing my writing back to a female lead.

I've been told I should let it be known that the book has a notable streak of "dakly funny". I don't go out of my way to insert jokes, but ... I can be a bit of a smart-alec, and that's bound to bleed through the writing from time to time.

For whatever reason, I tend to gravitate to writing a female lead.. anyone remember this goofy thing I slapped together during the writing of Rubberman's Cage?

Ah, poor Regan... (Lifehack, my first book) She likely would want me to write another lesbian. If it makes her feel any better, Leena hints she might be bi, and there's a couple lesbian characters in Rubberman's Citizens.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Audio books... coming.. maybe?

A company who's a big shot in audio books is finally accepting Canadian authors... so Lifehack is currently in the middle of looking for a voice... there have been two applicants already, and I'm waiting for a 3rd just to not feel like I'm rushing things.

For Lifehack, I specified I'd prefer a female voice, since the main character, Regan, is female. I'm not big budget or anything, so no multi-cast situations going on.

If Lifehack goes through OK, I'll be looking to Watching Yute and Echoes of Erebus as well to round out the series.

Moments ago, I threw Rubberman's Cage's hat into the ring. Since the main character of that is male, I'm leaning to a male reader. Hmm. I'm male.. my voice is OKAY... but I don't know if I can cleanly pull off a book's worth.. and my mic is awful. But I HAVE been meaning to get a better mic for yearrrrs, even if it's just a middle of the road USB mic. That would remove my laptop's fan hiss at least. :)

Hmm... then I'd have to split the profit with myself, and I'd just spend it on energy drinks anyway.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Many Grape is out on Kindle!

It has every bit of The One Grapes, then goes on to more than double the size of the original with new material from my recent 3 month hospital stay. Hospital food marches on, yet I survived it again!

During my stay, I unlocked the magical secrets to battle the bland! Ugh... and that fatty chicken thigh & gravy. It was stalking me.

As with all my stuff, it's open to Kindle Unlimited borrows...!

The paperback has been out for a bit now. With this and Cassidy's Ladder launched happily in both formats, not I just wait for the eyes of others to pick apart Rubberman's Citizens.... if we're lucky, maybe in 2 months we can hope for a launch? Then I guess I have to think about hardcovers....!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oh, my poor blog!

Such neglect!

I can't even blame this length of time on the fact that I've been in the hospital recently, for 3 months.... but the silver living is that I caught up in my writing during that 3 months.

The second book in the Rubberman series, "Rubberman's Citizens" is not in editing phases, and out of my hands right now...

Cassidy's Ladder, a short soft romance that's a follow-up to my Watching Yute came out today on Kindle, and has been out on paperback for almost a week now.. but I don't think many people want such a short story as a paperback.

The new hospital food book is out on paperback, soon to be on kindle. It uses crude doodles on the paper that comes with a hospital food tray and additional commentary to chronicle my stay in the hospital.. The new one is "The Many Grape", and it contains the entire "The One Grapes"

My main site has been updated, and will have further updates after the Many Grape is on kindle. Also, it has a button to sign up for my new mailing list, which I'll announce new releases on. I promise not to spam!

As seldom as this blog is updated, my facebook is a tad more frequently updated...

Next blog update: 2034! Maybe....