Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New webpage, and more.

Same address,, just a redesign. Much cleaner if y'ask me. Much simpler on a technical level, too.

Baby news? Not a lot- Just did a little seminar on doing her baptismal.

Playstation 3 news, playing Warhawk. (PSN ID: Ozero)

Writing news... Well, between the two above items, it's going slow right now. I tend to work in spurts for big projects, so I'll be getting a new wind on writing soon I think.. I can feel it coming..

School's started up. Radar came back a day early. Ping will be back a week late, since the first week is useless in her opinion.. sheesh.. in some ways she takes school very seriously.. in some ways.. not so much...

Other news? New tenants downstairs. And a new dog. A non-barker. They don't wanna trade dogs either. Pfft.

Oh, and I got older in the last week. Meh.