Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bound by the wrong voiceover

I downloaded some new trailers for a game called "Bound by Flame". 3 trailers. One had no voiceover, showing all action.. sword-guys fighting monsters and such. Yes yes, no clues if it's an RPG or action, or what. Fine, but it was pretty and entertaining.

Hei guise, wanna play?

The next trailer had a voiceover by the main character. He was speaking as if he were in that world, and was facing the contemporary conflicts. Nice, but again.. no clue what kind of gameplay. But it gave the feeling of an RPG, or at least a questing sort of adventure/action thing.

The last trailer.. (well, I saw this one first...) was a DETAILED explanation of the gameplay, the mechanics, options. That would have been great!

Except the voiceover.

A very competent fellow, who did his job well. But he was the WRONG guy for the job. I think I've heard him narrate other game trailers, and he has to stop. This epic game, with swords, monsters, war, grit and blood... but explained in a voice and tone more fitting for... I don't know.. A boy-scout recruitment video, or Wyoming tourist ad.

If that trailer was the only one I'd seen, I would have been turned right off, despite the game mechanics being appealing to be. Thankfully I then went on to watch the other 2, and it washed the bad taste of Mr. Cleaver's voice off of it.
Are you saying I CAN'T impale orcs and zombies??

Who am I kidding.. I'll never play the game. The guy that was me back when I had the time would have been jotting it down on his birthday wish list, but the me that is me still hasn't gotten through the karting game I got for Christmas. O, the shame of it all. BUT....
"Don't worry, Joe, we'll play after your kids move out, and you've written all the books you wanted to. When will those be done again? Really..? uh..."

...but Rubberman's Cage has 10 pages left in my first editing pass...

Coming... by October, I hope!.. and the cover might be tweaked a bit.....