Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interview! Raffle! VCON! WHOOOOOOO!

Ahh! My poor neglected blog... y'all would hear a lot more out of me if you followed my FB page.

But news! Fresh interview here along with a rafflecopter giveaway thingie for my 3 ebooks!

And VCON'S COMING! I have no table this year, instead I'll be speaking at like 8 events. One of which is:


Oct 4th at VCON, 4 PM. Today I bought a big can of redbull as a door prize. Me, Sandra Wicklow and Kristi Charish will be yapping about energy drinks, the good the bad, the ugly.

At 1PM, I'll be in a discussion group called "Romance or Porn" in relation to novels, and probably media in general. I hope to read a snippit from Watching Yute that demonstrates where my personal line is.

At two I'll be in a group discussing 'canon' ideas vs fan-made stuff,
I'll also be moderating at a panel at 3 about copyrights and piracy, "Copyright of Copyleft"

The following day I'm going to be doing a reading slot, where.. I haven't decided what I'll be reading yet! Maybe from one of my books, maybe from a short story that's going into the unpublished (so far) compilation called "13 Bites".

I'm also talking at a bunch of stuff on Sunday, too! "The Future of Money" and "Weed Wackers"

Tons of fun that I wouldn't have been able to do if I had been stuck at a vendor table!

Oh, next post, I should talk about 13 bites... or ya'll can just go to my FB, posted above!