Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oh, my poor blog!

Such neglect!

I can't even blame this length of time on the fact that I've been in the hospital recently, for 3 months.... but the silver living is that I caught up in my writing during that 3 months.

The second book in the Rubberman series, "Rubberman's Citizens" is not in editing phases, and out of my hands right now...

Cassidy's Ladder, a short soft romance that's a follow-up to my Watching Yute came out today on Kindle, and has been out on paperback for almost a week now.. but I don't think many people want such a short story as a paperback.

The new hospital food book is out on paperback, soon to be on kindle. It uses crude doodles on the paper that comes with a hospital food tray and additional commentary to chronicle my stay in the hospital.. The new one is "The Many Grape", and it contains the entire "The One Grapes"

My main site has been updated, and will have further updates after the Many Grape is on kindle. Also, it has a button to sign up for my new mailing list, which I'll announce new releases on. I promise not to spam!

As seldom as this blog is updated, my facebook is a tad more frequently updated...

Next blog update: 2034! Maybe....