Sunday, July 28, 2013

Regan interview at a bar

Just a quick link dump:

A non-combat lil story, of Regan being interviewed, four years after the events of Lifehack. She arrives tipsy, gets progressively more sloshed, and leaves sober. A fun little story to let readers check in with Regan.

There's some LIGHT Lifehack spoilers, but not much.

I also wrote an epilogue to go with with story, but due largely to timing, it didn't get in on the cabingoddess posting. I might release it here in a few weeks. We'll see. There's also a Watching Yute little story completed, waiting for the right time/place to be released.

Oh, I also came across a pile of short stories I wrote when I was frequenting a writing meetup.. I might pick some of them to drop here, stay tuned..!

I'm off to the VCON picnic!

Friday, July 19, 2013

"After One Year in Autar"

There, pasted. That link goes to a short story. It's readable as its own thing, but people who've read my Lifehack-

(currently free as an epub on smahswords, and dirt cheap on kindle.. still $15 for paperback)

-will get a bit more out of it. About a quarter through Lifehack, we skip two years, leaving our hero Regan in the quarantined, zombie-infested city to fend for herself. I always was interested in taking a peek in that time-span to retroactively check in on her.

The lady running that blog, MorgEn Bailey sets a 1000 word limit. WHAT IS THIS, TWITTER?? After much editing, and squeezing, I handed in something about 20 words over.. and she said she's edit it. Scary? Kind of, but she's a pro.

I got into this when I saw her lamenting a lack of more flashfics... and having just written a short bit for Kriss Morton's Blog, I was in a flashficcy kind of mood.

Stay tuned for the one I did for Kriss, it's a fun one. Also starring Regan, but this time, long after Lifehack ended.

Anyway, Morgen will be reading out "One Year" into a podcast, on Sept 8. I think it's actually going to be the first time I've heard my writing being read by someone else. And her British accent should give it a fun flair I hadn't originally planned-

But given that my fictional island nation Aguola has been described by me culturally as a mix between Canada, Australia, and Britain, I have no idea what an Aguolian accent sounds like. It could very well be very British-ey!

Go read it! And stay tuned!!

And grab Lifehack! And review it! It's only ever gotten 4s and 5s, which is great, but I need more! Greedy? Well, kind of, but to push the book down certain venues, I need a lot more ratings and reviews than I have right now! I'm too shy to really scream out for reviews. Which is kind of what I'm doing right now.. but.. I don't do it enough, or in he right places. Guh, I'll shut up now. But go do it. And Watching Yute and Echoes of Erebus, too.



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