Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DOTA is whatnow?

So... I've heard people mention DOTA. From context, I get that it's a PC game with a notable following, and a sequel. It's been around for a whiiile now, I think, but I never found out what DOTA stands for. Ok, I'm game.

Without google, I'm going to figure out what DOTA stands for. I'm going to assume that OT is "of the".... cuz it almost always is.

Day of the Tenta-.. oh wait.. 'A'... 'A'...

Dawn of the Accountants


Dirge of the Aardvarks. No?
Dogs of the Ancestors
Dicks of the Ants
Diatribe of the Aged
Database of the Archaic
Diet of the Anticlimactic
Drums of the Acid Junkies. Oops. No good.
Death of the Anchorman
Delight of the Anus
Dave of the Algonquins
Dance of the Anemics
Dingo of the Antibiotics
Dandruf of the Ascension
Dearth of the Anagrams

Frig, I give up. Google? Calling google...aww shitsticks. The first page of results only mentions it as "DOTA", I'm gonna have to CLICK a google result. DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS.

At least I got that ancients part right up there once. AW FUCK! NO, I DIDN'T! And it's a mod for Warcraft III? Guuuagh. At least it's not for WOW.

Yes, I know what WOW is, TYVM. I don't spend ALL my time under a rock.