Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yute steaming ahead.. wanna see?

Thankfully, Cassidy prided herself on level headed rational thought. There simply wasn’t anything lethal enough on hand to throw. “It kinda makes me feel like flying around in an airlimb with ridiculously overtrained bodyguards, carrying a really old spear. So far that’s working out pretty well for me.”

Just a little random snippit from Watching Yute. It's kinda fun, in that I have an outline for what happens, but now and then an idea pops up that adds a new ripple to the mix. The above quote is from a previosuly unplanned scene, where Cassidy is putting up with having a grief counsellor set upon her.

After today's writing session, I have no fears of not meeting or surpassing my target of 230 pages. My wife tells me "You can't just keep writing to fill a certain number of pages!"

Well, duh. Lifehack was around 230 pages, and I'd rather be an equal or greater size than Lifehack with Watching Yute, but of course I'm not just writing filler. There is a lot more character development and quiet times, but Yute is an entirely different animal from Lifehack, despite taking place in the same world, and handling many of the same themes.

I have given up the idea of having it out for the vancouver sci fi convention, and I'm still a little bummed about that, but it's all for the best. So, I'll be at VCON with the same book I was selling last year, (albeit at a lower price thanks to my new source) so I might pad my table out a bit with a few posters for sale