Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lifehack Kindle Giveaway! Feb 22-24

Because I haven't yet drowned the entire world with the exploits of Regan and her various issues, (Nano-driven zombies, a missing brother and falling for a straight girl,) the Lifehack kindle will be FREE from the 22nd of feb, through the weekend. Fri to Sun.

Regan 'knows' ya waaaaaana.. and assumes it's because of her. It's not a picture book, Regan, you'll have to charm them with something else.

(Psst, y'all know that you can read kindle books without a kindle device, right? Just download this free kindle PC app..they don't push this so hard, as they'd kinda rather sell you hardware)

What will you do with the four bucks you saved?? What else? 
Pfft, I wish I could get that many for 4 bucks. That's not quite enough for two, even with a sale.. I need to get into costco...

"But Joe!" you say, "I've already read it! It guides me through the trials and tribulations of my everyday life!"

Yeah, that's super, good to hear it, but would it kill you to write a lil review to that effect? Let the world know, so that they too may experience the thrill of dodging exploding, flying lumber caked in nanites! Heck, just download it to boost my numbers. :P

If you're not sold on the whole "FREE" dealie, well... man, you're picky. But you can also go check out the 'landing page' I made, where the ads will be sending people from FB and Bing, (You heard me, BING, the ads were free, okay??)

On that page is a fun little excerpt of Regan jus' acting the way she does. And there's a video of meeeee! Oh yeah-

IN OTHER NEWS, I recently littered my site with me yapping about my books and stuff. One on my main page doing a general intro, and one on the pages for each of my books. The Echoes of Erebus one gets really silly, starting around half way through. I let that stuff get through editing, and-Why?

Just a little update on the book in progress, "Rubberman's Cage". Things are going well enough. My wife and kids have been travelling (New Orleans and Disneyworld) and a lot of that time has been making those videos, setting up the freebie weekend and doing household stuff, but I'm making good headway into the book.

Will Rubberman be a one-shot, or will it call for sequels? I honestly don't know yet... we'll see, we'll see...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rubberman Triumphant

Well, after all is said and done, the 'Rubberman' book, working title currently "Rubberman's Cage" has won my attentions over "The Serial Bleeder".

Bleeder had a magic component to it.. which.. I can't suspend my disbelief enough to write magic. Sorry. If I can't, I don't expect my readers to. It had a lot of fun elements in it, which might get recycled, (sans magic) and for all I know, end up with the same title, but that's for AFTER Rubberman, at earliest.

If you haven't heard me talk about it before, Rubberman starts out in an apartment-sized environment, controlled by the unspeaking Rubberman, who punishes inhabitants with electrical shocks. The four inhabitants have to sleep, eat, work, and exercise on a regular timetable.

And this is normal for them. They've never known another life, and don't know there's a world outside. They've never heard of the sky, the sea, or 'females'. But they're content.


At first.

I kind of want to tell more, but.... I don't want to give away too much. Not yet.