Sunday, December 2, 2007

Norwalk Strikes! And writing updates

Right now baby Caitlin is lying beside me, trying to fight the need to sleep. Or vomit. It seems that at a function of Michelle’s mom-and-baby club, one of the babies present did their best impression of Linda Blaire, projecting vomit down the length of a table. As a result, several babies in the club are now suffering with what the doctor thinks is the Norwalk virus. Whee!
Norwalk tends to have a rep as being really horrible, but the reality is, it’s just a nasty flu. Nasty enough that Caitlin and Michelle (who is now suffering a slightly lesser bout with the virus) played musical beds last night, fleeing a series of infant bile eruptions. Laundry was a constant process with just normal baby issues.
Now it is a war.

Lifehack status: In the hands of the 2nd editor, out of 7-ish.

Watching Yute’s progress has been stalled by a combination of Caitlin, and Oblivion. (Playstation 3 game) But actually, Michelle’s been using the laptop a lot more lately, and my time on my main machine has been occupied a lot by graphic contracts, so it’s just not a good writing timespan. I work in spurts.. and I’m not in one right now.