Monday, September 26, 2011

A wild VCON approaches!

I'm updating my blog! What a shock! But those of you who have the ability to remember as far as a year back, may remember that I blogged about last year's VCON quite a bit! Enough so that the BC Science Fiction Association wanted those posts to put in their mag!

What's VCON, you ask? It's a science fiction convention! Well, there's also a hearty helping of fantasy stuff too, and.. well, it's nerdy, gods frak it! Any who see themselves as having ANY points allotted to nerdier attributes will feel quite at home! Heck, the first year I went, it was almost like rolling into a family reunion.

I'll have to remember to bring a camera again. My blogging last year was done after the fact, so don't expect any live coverage. I'm gonna be busy, dangit! I'll be selling my books, and I'll also be showcasing the successor to the 'world's first combat spatula' that I built for last year, and it will all be watched over by the most useless stupid robot wannabe thing ever! I built him too, so you know it sucks! Anyone who knows me on facebook may have already seen him, although he's been a little more pimped out since those pictures. I'll have a few book-related posters up too.. I'm not there to sell those, but if people convince me with enough cash, I MIGHT part with them. Maybe. Heck, I'm bringing a few hardcovers due to request, which I wasn't planning on selling either. OK, I'm a cheap whore.

Oh, I'll also be doing a reading from Echoes of Erebus at the book launch event on friday night. It'll be short, but it'll be a blast.

Anyway, those of you who I'll see there.. well, see you there! The rest of you will have to bask in my recap blogging!