Thursday, June 15, 2017

Audio books... coming.. maybe?

A company who's a big shot in audio books is finally accepting Canadian authors... so Lifehack is currently in the middle of looking for a voice... there have been two applicants already, and I'm waiting for a 3rd just to not feel like I'm rushing things.

For Lifehack, I specified I'd prefer a female voice, since the main character, Regan, is female. I'm not big budget or anything, so no multi-cast situations going on.

If Lifehack goes through OK, I'll be looking to Watching Yute and Echoes of Erebus as well to round out the series.

Moments ago, I threw Rubberman's Cage's hat into the ring. Since the main character of that is male, I'm leaning to a male reader. Hmm. I'm male.. my voice is OKAY... but I don't know if I can cleanly pull off a book's worth.. and my mic is awful. But I HAVE been meaning to get a better mic for yearrrrs, even if it's just a middle of the road USB mic. That would remove my laptop's fan hiss at least. :)

Hmm... then I'd have to split the profit with myself, and I'd just spend it on energy drinks anyway.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Many Grape is out on Kindle!

It has every bit of The One Grapes, then goes on to more than double the size of the original with new material from my recent 3 month hospital stay. Hospital food marches on, yet I survived it again!

During my stay, I unlocked the magical secrets to battle the bland! Ugh... and that fatty chicken thigh & gravy. It was stalking me.

As with all my stuff, it's open to Kindle Unlimited borrows...!

The paperback has been out for a bit now. With this and Cassidy's Ladder launched happily in both formats, not I just wait for the eyes of others to pick apart Rubberman's Citizens.... if we're lucky, maybe in 2 months we can hope for a launch? Then I guess I have to think about hardcovers....!