Thursday, June 15, 2017

Audio books... coming.. maybe?

A company who's a big shot in audio books is finally accepting Canadian authors... so Lifehack is currently in the middle of looking for a voice... there have been two applicants already, and I'm waiting for a 3rd just to not feel like I'm rushing things.

For Lifehack, I specified I'd prefer a female voice, since the main character, Regan, is female. I'm not big budget or anything, so no multi-cast situations going on.

If Lifehack goes through OK, I'll be looking to Watching Yute and Echoes of Erebus as well to round out the series.

Moments ago, I threw Rubberman's Cage's hat into the ring. Since the main character of that is male, I'm leaning to a male reader. Hmm. I'm male.. my voice is OKAY... but I don't know if I can cleanly pull off a book's worth.. and my mic is awful. But I HAVE been meaning to get a better mic for yearrrrs, even if it's just a middle of the road USB mic. That would remove my laptop's fan hiss at least. :)

Hmm... then I'd have to split the profit with myself, and I'd just spend it on energy drinks anyway.

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