Monday, October 13, 2014

High-Sci-Fi mentality

Who's into Ghost in the Shell? I've seen a whole 2 episodes of the 'Arise' series.. and it dawns on me how much you need to be already steeped in the cyber-nerd lore to know what's going on.

Yes, this is the butch-iest version of Motoko Kusanagi in a long while. Guess how much she gives a crap what you think?

I recently cited a scene where the Major slips into a shiny cyberspace VR while riding her motorbike. Her surroundings in the VR are very similar. She's still on her bike, it's still the same roads.. more or less... but the world has a different tint, and the heavy traffic is gone.

Not entirely sure how she ended up in VR, she does what comes naturally, almost immediately dividing into four copies, so she can explore efficiently. (Us contemporary mortals have to settle for opening browser tabs.)
Later, she gets into a fist fight where people are hacking each others' vision, allowing them to seemingly appear and disappear for strategic purposes, say nothing of the participants who show up in the middle who are capable of just plain being invisible.

A logicoma. I couldn't find a picture of one being invisible. Odd.

It's all fun and games until the tank on the ceiling opens fire, or someone rips off an arm. (The GITS shows can't resist playing tropes from the movie...It's okay, they're entirely synthetic arms, didn't hurt! Come back here, I'll bite your knees off!)

Oh bollocks. Cyborgs weren't invented in time for the Black Knight. Hence the bleeding.

I wonder how guilty I am of writing ideas that laymen don't get.... I try to write in an accessible way, but it can be hard to do a reading, especially from the middle of a book, when I have to explain concepts developed in the first half... how much can I get away with dumping on an unsuspecting crowd for a reading? Ehhhh, they'll figure it out... ya?

Oh, on that note, the reading at VCON went great last week, even if I had to explain a little bit first... I'll tell the tale of the reading, and post what I read in an upcoming post...