Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An interview with a Rubberman.

Sillier and shorter than the Lenth interview. A Rubberman is supposed to convey some degree of respect- even fear, to his Subjects.. this video does not portray that. :)

I got interviewed about an interview.

I didn't realize how odd that is until I typed the title of this post. Have you seen my "interview with Lenth"?

If you missed it, (I very recently posted it on this blog,) here it is:

And Tabitha Ormiston-Smith thinks it's a peachy idea, so she wanted to interview me about it! Here it is:


Now if only the book in question was a book of interviews with interviewers interviewing interviewers.





Oh, and another vid is coming very soon....


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ph3ar the Cloud......And Jessica Chobot. And apparently my $15 investment has gone way up..

The other day on the youtube, I was forced to realize that gaming companies kind of don't want me to own games, but rather access them through streaming play in a rental-like setup. And I'd be more sad if I still had any time to play games.

I also confirmed that I can't stand the Nerdist anchor wusserface Chobot.

Hey! Listen! Listen! Hey! Hey listen! Hey! Hey!

I really wanted to like her as a gal in a field full of Bro-dudes, but try as I might, she drives me friggin nuts. Like she's trying waaaay to hard to be quirky. Sorry Ms. Chobot. Maybe if you'd just tone it down a bit, relax. But I've already admitted that I'm not gaming's key target anymore. So....

(edit... the bulk of this post was written over a week ago. Jessica Chobot's been on vacation. I saw new video of her after she got back. She seemed 15% less grating. Nerdist is obviously reading my FB posts, and takes my opinions seriously. That's what it means, right? Right?)

Hush, Joseph. Or I'll cut you.

Ahem.. back to the notion of a netflix-style future for mainstream gaming...


Just ask the Mass Effect trilogy downloads I got cheap like a month or two ago... I've managed to play about an hour of it so far.

I'm gonna go cuddle my copy of Final Fantasy 1 still in the original packaging.
Lil display hangar tag thing and everything, like all the NES games had. Wanna see? Ehh, it's waaaay over there.. Maybe later.

This one isn't mine. Mine isn't in one of these dingus 'VGA' collector cases. This sucker here? Costs over 400 bucks on EBAY. Mine is in similar condition. I don't have the VGA rating/case, but this guy doesn't have the lil plastic hangar thing, from the looks of it.

I can imagine a world where we're expected to be subscribed to movies, and to a music service, and to a gaming service, owning NONE of our favorites but merely permitted to access them, as long as we keep paying monthly, and the companies keep them available.

It would be just too bad if the service discontinues the item. Or discontinues it's entire service.

Fear the cloud.

The cloud wants to latch onto your neck and drink till ya die.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rubberman's Cage - Lenth's Interview video

Hey folks! With my next book, Rubberman's Cage coming up fast, I made a video while I waited on the editors.. it's an interview of Rubberman Cage's main character, Lenth.

It was written in an FB chat by me as Lenth, and Tabitha Ormiston-Smith asking 'Lenth' questions. One draft, ad-libbed script. She couldn't make it to the video shoot, as she's in Australia, and I'm in Vancouver, so in the video, it's only her words that make an appearance. I get to star as Lenth.. and I'm told I can kind of act!

The vid reveals a lot about the book's concept, and the life Lenth has been leading up until that point, (roughly a third through the book) He lived in a small area with his 'Brothers', supervised by a silent 'Rubberman', and this has been his normal life from birth... and then one of his Brothers became dead! And then disappeared overnight...

 ANYWAY, so check it out. The camera stinks, but I managed to salvage an interesting final production, I think.... gimmie feedback, SVP!