Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gathering an order...

I will soon have to make an order to stock up for VCON (Vancouver sci-fi convention) so if any locals, (people I see face-to-face) want in on the order, let me know ASAP, so my numbers for VCON don't get messed up.

I'll be ordering hardcovers and softcovers of all 3 books, Lifehack, Watching Yute, and Echoes of Erebus. If you don't tell me, you could be out of luck* or just be leaving me with less stock for VCON, depending on timing.

*out of luck would mean that I might not have much stock after VCON, which risks you having to order over the net- which means having to pay shipping, and US funds.

Anyone who can buy direct from me, in person, pays $15 canadian for tradepaperbacks, or $25 for hardcover. People buying over the net get stuck with US pricing, ($15.95us for paperback, and 24.98 for hardcover) and shipping costs on top of that.

Let me know within a week or mayyybe two weeks before I do my big buy!

It's done. Echoes of Erebus is done. -HEY LOCALS!!

The final cover and manuscript have been submitted for the softcovers. Phew. I KNOW they're set up right, the editing copy more or less proves it anyway.. but I don't think I'll be able to relax until I get the 'final proof'.

By this, I specifically mean anyone who lives close enough to get a copy right from me.

When I get the final proof, I'll be ordering my 'big batch', specifically aimed at the Vancouver Sci-fi Convention. (VCON). If you want a copy, (or copies) let me know SOON. When someone gets the book online, it'll be $15.95us, +shipping-

But any local who wants a copy can get em from me at $15.oo cnd with no shipping cost. I'm eating the shipping and exchange rate, like I did in the past.

On top of 'Echoes of Erebus', I'll also be refilling my personal stock of 'Lifehack' and 'Watching Yute', so if any of you want copies of those, let me know.


Whew.. Still feeling jumpy from sending in the final manuscript. Now I have to set up the ebooks and hardcovers.. OH YEAH, IF ANYONE WANTS HARDCOVERS, LET ME KNOW!

Whew. There's actually a lot less red tape involved with the ebooks and hardcovers. Once the softcover is set up, the others fall into place easier. I've only seen the softcover edit copy of Echoes of Erebus, but it's pretty. The hardcover's gonna be that much prettier. (and pricier, unfortunately.. $25 for hardcover)

Friday, July 9, 2010

New book concept

I don't wanna give away too much, but....

It's not a sci-fi, no zombies, no lesbians. It'll be set in the present, and it's part comedy, part murder mystery/suspense. Think "Terry Pratchet doing a guest appearance on the X files, or Columbo." Or something.

"There's just one little thing still botherin' me Mister Shatner.
You said you're not an astronaut-
but I've seen some footage that implies otherwise. Might just be me.".

It's too early to be developing seriously on this right now, Echoes of Erebus is inches away from finalization, and I have a couple other writing tasks on my plate this month. One is just guild homework, about a day in the life of a turtle. You can expect me to post the short story here when it gets done...

Echoes takes priority though, even if my homework and the other project fall through the cracks.. Even if he turtle bit is late for the guild, I'll still post it.