Friday, July 9, 2010

New book concept

I don't wanna give away too much, but....

It's not a sci-fi, no zombies, no lesbians. It'll be set in the present, and it's part comedy, part murder mystery/suspense. Think "Terry Pratchet doing a guest appearance on the X files, or Columbo." Or something.

"There's just one little thing still botherin' me Mister Shatner.
You said you're not an astronaut-
but I've seen some footage that implies otherwise. Might just be me.".

It's too early to be developing seriously on this right now, Echoes of Erebus is inches away from finalization, and I have a couple other writing tasks on my plate this month. One is just guild homework, about a day in the life of a turtle. You can expect me to post the short story here when it gets done...

Echoes takes priority though, even if my homework and the other project fall through the cracks.. Even if he turtle bit is late for the guild, I'll still post it.

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