Sunday, September 7, 2008

The sun rises again.

Go put on 'House of the Rising Sun' or some doors or something. Done? Ok, now you may continue reading.
I sit here, sucking down a NOS, feeling it's taurine payload hit my brain like the Normandy beach, as the music lulls the chaos into a quivering undercurrent, waiting to strike. That can only mean one thing.

Time has come for me to turn my attention back to "Watching Yute". (As soon as I find the USB stick it's saved on.. no worries, I have a pretty current backup on my HD if it doesn't show up...)

Yute has been a little neglected during the re-working of Lifehack for the 2nd edition, and the launch prep. Now, all that lifehack needs form me is for me to actually show up to the Sci-Fi convention. I politely mentioned what I was selling there, and they crew from the con put me in the list of authors launching at the con. Cool beans. Spider Robinson's gonna be at the con. He's pleasantly crazy. I'm not big on autographs, but I might make an exception.

While Yute's been fermanting on the backburner, a few new ideas have risen from the stew. Dark ones. More than ever, Watching Yute will be a VERY different beast from Lifehack. Yute will have a lot less flat out action, and a lot more drama. I'll try to keep it form getting TOO emo all at once though, folks, don't worry. (And yet I hear the old trenchcoat speking to me....)

Yute's gonna focus a lot LESS on the sci-fi-ness than Lifehack, although of course it will be a necessary factor to the stroy. By comparison, the third book I have planned for the Lifehack world (Our world, + about 50 years, and a conitnent I invented) will be a blitzcrieg of sci-fi tech. (And sorry, no lesbians in #3) Drama? Yes. Romance? No. Maniac on the loose? Kinda.

Is it 'dangerous' to have three books in a 'series' vary too much thematically? I don't know, though frankly I don't care. If I were writing to please some big publisher who wants a string of sequelitis, I might, but I think people have figured out I'm not doing this for the money. In the rich canadian tradition of authors, I'm just trying to cover my losses. :)

Last night I put in an order for another payload of Lifehacks. Aside from not being sure if I had enough coming to me for the con, I got a couple more requests for the hardcover version. I really didn't anticipate that.. I figured that only people who knew me and wanted the deluxe collectible would be interested in the hardcover, but lo, I was mistaken! I can't blame folks tho, I'm letting them got for $10 less than the net price, (long story, but it involves shipping costs to Canada from the publisher) and the hardcover... is just so purdy!!!

Alright. The Nos is winning and my playlist has migrated form classic rock to techno. Time to rip the house apart looking for my USB stick.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Officially ON for VCON!- and corrections galore...

Just a note.. my last post had the wrong dates and place. Wheee! I are smart. It's actually the 3rd to 5th in SURREY. Oy. How'd I get it so messed up?

Anyway, a couple people mentioned they might wanna go and say hi, then I scared em off by telling them how much I'm paying to get in. That $50 was for the full 3 days...!

The daily rates go from $13 for a kid on sunday, to the most expensive being $35 for an adult on saturday. for details.