Sunday, July 28, 2013

Regan interview at a bar

Just a quick link dump:

A non-combat lil story, of Regan being interviewed, four years after the events of Lifehack. She arrives tipsy, gets progressively more sloshed, and leaves sober. A fun little story to let readers check in with Regan.

There's some LIGHT Lifehack spoilers, but not much.

I also wrote an epilogue to go with with story, but due largely to timing, it didn't get in on the cabingoddess posting. I might release it here in a few weeks. We'll see. There's also a Watching Yute little story completed, waiting for the right time/place to be released.

Oh, I also came across a pile of short stories I wrote when I was frequenting a writing meetup.. I might pick some of them to drop here, stay tuned..!

I'm off to the VCON picnic!

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