Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oblivious Lenth picks his weapon.

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You all know the story behind this? No? Well, it's actually the "Skulltree", and is part of the back cover for Rubberman's Cage.. but some ladies on FB decided to rename it.. and now.. and now this is a thing. So. Yeah.

Fresh off the keyboard, unedited, and.. UNRATED... (there's a bad word in it.. like THREE TIMES!) from Rubberman's Cage-


The next room over was fairly large, and badly lit. The middle of the room was a semi-organized pile of blankets, presumably with a mattress underneath. The far wall displayed a selection of items.
Tools, mostly. Lenth wasn't familiar with tools in general, but it seemed obvious that some were modified by Citizens, maybe Mike.
A ball-peen hammer had a few nails attached to the head. A claw hammer had its claw battered down to be sharper than the original design. A heavy pair of gloves hung with barbed wire wrapped around them with a metal plate attached to shield the forearms. A set of crude, spiked 'iron knuckles' hung near those. Some longer tool no longer had its original working end, and the metal shaft had been hammered down into a blade, like a medium-sized sword.
Several more items filled out the display, but Lenth was drawn to the largest item, a sledge hammer. It stood on its head, handle sticking up. He knelt next to it and felt along the handle, picking it up with a bit of a grunt. He looked at Marcy, who was looking at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Like it nice and big?” she purred with a sultry smirk.
Lenth heaved it up into both hands. “People fight with these? Seems kind of stupid, by the time you get it swinging, the person you're trying to hit would like... not be in that spot any more.”
“That was supposed to get a reaction out of you,” Marcy said, slightly disappointed and slightly frustrated.
“Huh? I answered.”
Marcy unzipped her top, past the navel, and arched back to nudge out a bit of cleavage. It was a motion she'd done many times in the past, but this time she did it with no seductive smoothness. Just quick, blunt, and almost clinical. “Okay, a girl unzips in front of you, alone in a room with a bed. What does that make you think?”
“Oh. Oh! I'm sorry, I'll pick a better weapon and leave so you can get to sleep,” Lenth said apologetically, turning back to the weapon display.
Marcy clenched her fists and shrugged. “It's no fun telling you I'm not interested in actually fucking you when you don't take the bait!”
Lenth dropped the sledge hammer where he'd gotten it from, and turned back to Marcy. “I'm confused.”
Marcy shook her head. “Yeah. Yeah, don't worry about it, I'm just wasting your time anyway,” she flicked her hands dismissively at the weapons. “go ahead, pick what you want. Don't rush on my account.”
“Well, hold on, what's 'fucking', and why would I do it to you?” Lenth asked.
Covering her mouth, and reaching out with her other hand to some imaginary audience, she turned about the room until she faced Lenth once again. “Sex!” she yelled, “fucking means sex! Have you head of sex?
Lenth nodded, and pointed at Marcy. “Yes. I have. I leaned all about it, but I don't think creating children right now would help. Having more people helping me find Six would be good, but I also learned that children take a long time to grow inside-”
Marcy screamed in exasperation, leaving a silent void.
After a moment, Lenth rallied his courage to speak again. “I'm pretty sure I remember being one, and it was a long time to-”
“Hush.” Marcy said flatly, shaking her head.
“And I've seen some children recently in the Provi-”
“Just. Just stop now, Lenth.”
He obeyed. As long as his curiosity permitted. “Marcy. Have you done sex?”
She put her hand on her forehead, and nodded small quick nods, biting her lip. “Yeah. Yeah Lenth, I seem to remember doing sex a couple of times.”
“Oh! So where are your children now?”
Marcy squinted at Lenth. “When I first met you, I said I needed to educate you. I had no idea how bad it was. Just pick a weapon already.”

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