Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rubberman's Cage hits half way!.... kind of? Maybe? I think? And Lenth finds a rake.

50 thousand words. Which would be about half way through the average length of my other books. That makes 100 pages at 6"x9", the size my paperbacks and hardcovers are. Add space used to separate chapters, this, that, tra la la, and yeah, looks like half way.

But I'm not sure where I want to end the book. There is a point of reveal that would make a good ending, and set up the next book well, too. But I could be tempted to continue from there, nibbling at the concept for the next book a little.

Aaaaah, I have so much to tell you all, but I can't dump these spoilers!

Here's one thing you can rule out: It isn't the matrix, or a dream, or anything like that. Pretty much everything else is up for grabs.

Minor spoiler from early on which has been pretty much public for a while now, Lenth, his 3 'brothers', and the Rubberman in his ceiling are NOT the only people in existence, as Lenth assumed for most of his life, and existence is larger than the loft-sized space he's lived in all his life. Or thought he did.

Wouldn't that be dull, if you start the book with the whole environment already revealed? I like some exploration! I like books with exploration of odd environments, games with exploration of odd environments, movies with exploration of odd environments.

Lenth just explored someone's weapon rack, and now looks kind of badass! In a way.In a "my sword used to be a rake" kind of way. That's how Citizens roll, yo.

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