Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Edgar was close.

Another fresh-off-the-keyboard-unedited clip from Rubberman's Cage, manuscript in progress:


“Oh.” Edgar said as they came to the nook of the Refuge, where he expected to find Six, “dead person.” A man in pants and nothing else was lying face down. A pool of blood seemed to come from the abdomen.
There was no way out, other than how they had come in. Lenth whirled to face behind them, and readied his sword. Getting the knife out of the glove's spikes was a little clumsier than he'd hoped, but he soon stood ready for combat with both blades ready. The guard who had come with them had the same idea, and had readied his spear.
“Boys, relax,” Marcy said, “that's a lot of blood, this happened a while ago. Edgar, who's this guy?”
Edgar knelt down by the body, and pulled him over by his shoulder. “Eh, I know him. Good guy. Is.. name starts with a 'D', I think. Eh, Daryl? Doug? Something like Doug. Dave?” Edgar's relaxed attitude led the guard to relax, a little.
“You don't even know?” Lenth asked, still facing away, scanning around for signs of Six.
“I'm going to go with 'Dave'.” Edgar said.
A woman ran in from around the corner. “Robert!” she cried, running to the body's side, collapsing to embrace him.

“I was close.” Edgar said.

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