Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weggy vs confomity

Wayyy back when I was the walkin' type, and working in a lil computer repair shop, the boss took on a work experience guy. Most of the time it was me and him in the shop, as the boss went out on calls a lot.

Work experience guy.. uh.. I forget his name. W.E.G. Sure. So ole' Weggy used to work in a factory, and an accident smashed both of his shins. He recovered over a ton of time, but he couldn't work the same job any more...

So... as was the style at the time, he got chucked at computers. I've seen a lot of that. About a year later when I was in rehab for my injury, I saw a lot of people being aimed at computers for retaining. I saw a 70? 80? year old fisherman in front of a computer, simply flummoxed. I didn't see him building a career out of it. You never know though...

But back to ole' Weggy. After a couple weeks, he mused how computer interfaces force people to all think the same way, and that computers should be more receptive to how people think as individuals.

Well... okay, I can see that as a newbie, especially a newbie at repairing them, and I've pondered his point off and on over the years. It's largely true.. you're stuck with the interface that the machine thinks you want, (coughcoughwindows8coughcough) unless you want to customize. Sometimes it's not much of an option, and it's always time consuming, especially to learn to do more advanced customization.

Know what else forces you to think a lot like everybody else?

Life in general. Eating boiling soup? You rebel! Using duct tape as clothing? Innovative! Using your cat as toilet paper? You hipster!

How about driving? What side of the road do you feel like driving on today? How does the colour red inspire YOU?

Crosswalks? Hey... uh.. maybe I'll shut up right about here.

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