Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Echoes of Erebus behind the scenes peek-

Anyone wanna see the nitty gritty? I don't think there's any big spoilers here, but brace yourself.....

YEAH. MIND blowing, huh? Oh yeah, soak it in. (Those of you who are seeing this blog through facebook will have to go to my core blog, http://ozeroblog.blogspot.com/, to see it. Sorry. FB stinks at importing blogs...

So, yeah. See all that? I found this while 'cleaning' up my 'desk'. As far as I can tell, it's the first physical sign of this book being put into motion. Unless you count my old, old, "pre-Lifehack-as-a-novel" short story, which was the basis for the book in a lot of ways.

And what's with Quetzalcoatl? This was a 'free' notepad I customized. The customization didn't cost anything, so I dumped in the first silly thing that came to mind. Knowing about Quetzalcoatl (thank you, D&D) made me look like some arcane guru, and afforded me 15 seconds of fame in a trivia quiz at the Dueckman's monster-themed wedding reception.

Final Fantasy 8 had ole' Quetzy as a summon, and butchered him. Such is the least of my complaints about that game, but I'll avoid getting myself into a froth, and instead, point any fellow ff8 haters towards Mr. Spoony, whom I agree with 99.9% of the time. It's creepy....
There's a huge set of these going through the whole game, and a pile of well-founded hate. Don't mind his ads, he's gotta make a buck somewhere.

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