Monday, August 2, 2010

Exploding Glitter Glue. (and Echoes status update)

Exploding glitter glue. Exploding glitter glue. Exploding glitter glue.

Wanna know what three words should never be uttered together? "Celine Dion album"?
(WTF happened here, Celine? Canada was already trying to distance ourselves from you.)

Yes, but also:

Exploding. Glitter. Glue.

My darling Caitlin convinced me it was painting time. We got to her little plastic easel. She brought out this bottle of glitter glue.

I hate glitter. It gets all over, and is a pain to clean up. And when you're done, you're still finding glitter peeking at you mockingly from previously innocent looking and/or cleaned surfaces for days. I avoid using glitter whenever I can, even if Caitlin loves the stuff.

Thankfully, we have a couple bottles of this glitter glue. The glitter is suspended in a colored glue. No dust ups possible. Brilliant! Lovely! she liked to get some on the page, then smear it around with a paintbrush. She couldn't generally squeeze out much from the bottle, so daddy has to help. Yes, fine. We started putting it in these little dishes that we has also been using for regular paint.

This works great! She gets her glitter fix, and I don't end up looking like I'd spent the night clubbing as a drag queen.
All is well, yes? The problem is, I'm not entirely sure where these glitter glue bottle came from. I'm not talking about China, and fears of chemical hazards for kids...
("Who you callin' a tool?")

No, I think these glitter glues were some kind of hand-me-down or something... a family member or family friend who had a bit of craft/art supplies they didn't have a use for, and kindly gave to Caitlin. Previously perhaps in a basement or garage for some time. Before that? On the shelf at Wal-mart or something for an untold time. Previous to that?

Oh yeah. China.
No escaping me, lazy western dog!

Know what happens to plastic when it gets old? It gets brittle. So, trying to make a good push on the bottle, SNAP! The bloody thing snapped right in half, and glittering, goopy doom erupted in all directions, like some clown's best impression of napalm. I took the brunt of the explosion, but somehow Caitlin didn't seem to get hit by a drop. To the left and the right of her, lots, but none on her that I could see.

Not to say she was unaffected.
She was startled, and staring at me, the mess in my hands and all around, wide eyed, quite ready to wail bloody murder. Until she looked around and realized the absurdity of it.

Due to cleanup efforts that BP could learn from, I no longer look like I slept with a nightmarish version of the patron slut in a dance club.

I just realized that people who see my blog in facebook don't always get the inline images.. pity, that. Ozero blogger has em all in there if you didn't see any pics.

Echoes news time.

Hardcover- up and running.

Softcover- Final proof in the mail to me right now. Shortly after I get it, I play to authorize it to be sold online. It'll work its way into Amazon and such shortly after that.

Ebooks- up and running along side the hardcover. That's the nicest looking version of the ebook, but I'm busy converting one for smashwords, which has uglier, but a ton of formats for various readers... but the current PDF looks best, and MOST things read PDF.

Thassit folks!

Oh! And just another reminder that if you're local to me, and want one of my books, lemmie know before I make my big order, so I can get an extra softcover or hardcover for ya. ($15cdn and $25cdn when you get em from me, AND I'm paying the shipping from the printers) I'll have access to all 3 titles in this order, so if you've been meaning to get Lifehack or Watching Yute also... now's the time! Make a great gift! Cures acne! Scares away boogeymen!

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