Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Who wants literary candy?

I've just set up on Smashwords as a new distro for my e-books. (My cut's a little lower, but they have a huge distro range, and a pile of formats)

And they encourage a 50% sample! Yeah, that means any of you can go to , my smashwords page, and go down and read the first half of Lifehack or Watching Yute for free!

All you kiddies out there who said "I wanna get one, but..." You have no money, you can't do X,Y,or Z, or all your stolen creditcards have been reported by their owners... You can go read the first half of the books at least!

By then, I'll have you hooked on my sweet sweet candy. Then you will send me all your empty pop cans to get the book, and I WILL BE RICH! RICH IN MY CASTLE OF ALUMINUM! And I shall look across the lands from my sugar-sticky throne, breathing the air of caffeine, and I shall say, "Geez, I should get more writing done for Echoes of Erebus."

I know, I promised a pic of my coste for my next post, but my next post wasn't supposed ot be so soon. I just wanted to let y'all know about the free samples I have out now...!

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