Friday, November 6, 2009


Or maybe I should write "eye-decks-ay".

'Eidechse' is what I'm trying to say. It's German for 'lizard'. I wasn't sure about the pronunciation, so I asked the German student we were hosting last year. And I kinda forgot how. I was guessing with "Eye-da-shey", and knew I was wrong... so I just asked the German student I'm hosting right now, and she corrected me.

In fact, half the reason I'm making this blog entry is to cement the correct pronunciation in my head. Idexay. Eidechse. Idexay. What does a German lizard have to do with anything? Read Watching Yute.

There's lizards all over the place around the Yute temple. Specifically the Aeki species. (Don't bother looking it up unless it's on the wiki found on my website)

Speaking of books, I have another shipment on its way, so any of y'all who missed the boat for the first run pre-orders, and were left sucking wind in the wake of the VCON sellout... lemmie know! (This all assumes you're a local... otherwise, you're just as well off ordering online)

Next post- Lifehack versus Watching Yute

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