Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry, Canada...

I just found out that just because my books have ISBNs, doesn't mean you can order it from any ole' bookstore. In fact, you'd be lucky to find Lifehack on Amazon.ca. If you go to Amazon.COM however, it's no big deal to find both books. And then you get stuck with that cross-border shipping charge.

For two $15 books, the shipping was nearly another $15. Meanwhile, the yanks can get both my books and qualify for 'super saver' shipping. Ie: free.

What a splendid set of discoveries. It looks like efforts marketing to Canadians farther away than a bus ride is kinda wasted. I can pitch pretty strongly to the yanks though. Yay?

Maybe it's time I swallow my impatience, and look at the traditional publishers, who cut through most of the cross border crap. Or maybe I just need to find a Canadian print shop that can do what my US outfits can do, for a comparable price... Hah... any suggestions?

In any event, I'll keep on with my current distro model for the 3rd book.. being another followup after Lifehack. After that, there will be a fresh start with books unrelated to Lifehack or nanites, and I might turn to traditional press, and the whole "Submit the manuscript to 100 different publishers in very specific pain-in-the-ass formats that differ for each one, then wait about a year to hear back from any of them" shtick.

Yeah. Fun.

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