Saturday, September 19, 2009

Library trp results, new front page, got my stash, and more...

Quick note first- I got my stash of Watching Yute copies today. (Thanks in no small part to my cross-border book-runner, Gill Picard, A.K.A. dad.) The cute lil nanite on the spine lines up really nice to the one on the spine of Lifehack. If you see them together, you can see there's about one third of the lil guy still missing. ECHOES OF EREBUS ANYONE? DID I PLAN THIS FROM THE START ANYONE? EVIL GEEEEEENYUS ANYONE?

Yup. In a related story, in 2 weeks, I will be half way though the 3-day VCON sci-fi convention, where I hope to sell a significant portion of my stash. And maybe a poster or two. I might make a 'practice run' of the trip, just so I can get to know the accessibility hassles before I actually am due anywhere.

Also, I just posted a new layout for the front page of my website, which might have been nice to have before I bought a day's worth of an ad banner. (Yeah, one day's worth... who knows..)

The new layout is much cleaner and prettier, and could have channeled more visitors into sales, maybe. I'll have no Idea of my massive ad campaign did any good for a while yet, as I channel most softcover buyers thought amazon for the great shipping, and amazon has a policy of delaying the reporting of any useful information for no reason that I can think of.

While the paid ad reports having gotten a bit under 150 people to visit my site, I can't specifically guess how many of those turned into sales... especially since I stumbled upon a FREE ad venue that got me over 4000 hits.

What was it? I happened to end up on an enteratiment gossip page that was linked from a forum I go to a lot... The story was crap, but I skimmed down to see people's comments. Half of them were made to promote things totally irrelevant to the story. Well... I couldn't resist....

That's me at the top, obviously. If that kind of cheapness WORKS... well.. yay for ebing a prick! I guess....

Ack, I was going to tell a story about my trip to the big ole' vancouver library to meet random writers, but my time is kinda up... Next time...!

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