Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Countdown to VCON

3 sleeps left! But I'm ready. Thanks to Adam Zilliax, who is playing cargo duty from the Pitt to the Con. I've also been invited to be on a 4-member discussion panel during the con, about the usage of science in fiction. How far can you, or should you push it?

I also went to my 2nd meetup meeting last night, (different than the one all the way downtown that I neglected to blog about due primarily to time constraints) and they gave me homework. I have a month to do it, so I can focus on VCON for now. And when the next meeting comes, it'll be close to halloween, so I'm tempted to go in the costume Ive been working on. (Yeah, y'all will get pics of it eventually)

I hope this rain gives me a friggin break on the weekend.. and tomorrow.. I need air in my tires badly, and the most convenient place to fill em is a gas station, which is plenty far if you're wheeling it in the rain.

In other news, Caitlin's fallen in love with 'mermaid!'.. the little mermaid, and any of the sequels. I think she's just as soon skip over any sections focusing on the badguy though. Ariel, Harmony, and the animal sidekicks are really her focus. I think we found a lead for xmas presents.. if she's not tired of mermaids by then...

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