Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I had PLANNED to tell y'all that I was working on the HARDCOVER version of Watching Yute, but lo, the winds of fate blew favorably! It's up right now! 10 min ago!


That link goes to my storefront of 'my old publisher'. but they do 2 things that the new guys don't- hardcover and e-book. EVEN BETTER NEWS: The price of the hardcover is way better than what I was able to sell at before! (as evidenced on that page by the horrid price on the Lifehack Hardcover, which I plan to rectify soon...)

The shipping still stinks for canadians, so I'll be contacting my local folks with an offer to get in on a bulk order, where I'll suck up the shipping cost.

This makes the coming of the softcover version seem a little anti-climactic, but... hey, good news is good news. The hardcover of Lifehack is pretty a heck, and I expect the Yute Hardcover to be all the more glam.

Hey folks, got your copy of lifehack handy? (not the first edition), see the nanite-thing on the bottom of the cover, on the spine? Notice how he's more on the front than the edge? Well, Yute has him centred on the spine, and he lined up happily to Lifehack when sitting on the shelf together. One more book to complete him..... COULD I BE WRITING THE NEXT ALREADY?? Sarah and her fishy anatomy say yes.

SO! Long distance friends, leap on the hardcover or e-book now of ya want, or hold out for the softcover launch. LOCALS: If you wanna upgrade your softcover pre-orders to a hardcover, let me know! I'll be attempting to contact all you local pre-orderers to make sure you're aware.

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