Monday, August 24, 2009


For the 'proof copy' anyway. But the extensive editing is done, and in the hands of the publishers. First I have be sent that proof copy, and approve it before it'll be available in mass quantities to the public.

Which reminds me, any of you folks local to me who want me to order you a copy when I do my personal batch, (thus saving you shipping etc), let me know if you haven't already. for the locals, I'm doing $15cdn. (Retail is officially set for $15.98 US, but such stupid little details are of little consequence for my locals.. OK... fine, I just don't wanna bother counting friggin coins and doing conversions!)

I had to create an official description for the web sales and amazon.. and choose a mere FIVE keywords! I went with lesbian,revenge,suicide,drama,nanites. Geez. So much more to say, and not a clue what to leave out.

And I thought writing the back over was tough. As enthusiastic as I was for the first book Lifehack, Watching Yute is something else. Far more personal. Lifehack is a fun adventure, sprinkled with drama and a handful of giggles, but Yute sets aside a lot of the action, so it can really amp up the drama. I should shut up. Just read it.

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