Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together

I've been tidying little bits here and there in Watching Yute. Adding the graphics to the chapter headers, etc, going over rough spots, smoothing them out. Right now I'd say I've done... one and a half editing reads. I plan to do one more lap before I print off the editing version, and set it to sail among my volunteer editing team.

I made my first serious steps into designing the cover. I was originally planning to mock up a quick one to put on the editing copy, and redesign it as the editors were doing their thing... but lo and behold, I quickly keyed into a great design. It's using source imagery from art I've previously shown the world, so It'll look very familiar to anyone who's been in my gallery at It's as if the image 'Cassidy', was subconsciously made to be converted into a cover.

That'll be flipped, so that Cassidy is sitting on the front over, (right side of he cover layout) and silhouetted. That'll also let me avoid the blatant anime-look, which I fear would alienate or drive off anime-non-fans who might otherwise like the book.

In other news....

While the editors are doing thier thing, I might use this plog to post entries of a short story spin-off to Lifehack. Kris Taylor needs more of her story told. Regan's hated ex goes from trampy civillian to trampy air force pilot in Lifehack, but we miss out on the two years of her life where she chose that path... go Kris! You evil, evil *****!

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