Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Editing 1/2 done-ish.

That is, my first editing pass through is about half way done. This pass is looking MAINLY at the 'big picture'. Are events lined up right, does it feel right, etc? Of course, I'm catching typos too but it isn't my main focus at this stage.

after this pass:

-CTRL-F, to find things like FROM where it should have been FORM... the common typos that software doesn't catch. Make sure all the 'Sir's as capitalized, try to make sure all the hourable spellings of certain colourful words are right, etc. I'[ll also search for the word 'edit', which marks spots I wanted to adjust later.

-lay down chapter headers, make sure shaps start on the right pages. NAME the chapters... right now they're all "Chapter edit ::: edit" and some of the broader layout things.

-then a slow, scrutinized pass, trying to find typos, word by word. This is always tricky, as I'm quite prone to getting into the story, and skipping along merrily. Maybe I should read it backwards. I tried that a big with Lifehack, but couldn't do it.

After that, it gets a single print, to be handed around to my editing volunteers., givign me time ot finalize a cover, etc.

Whew.. it might even happen.. it might be ready for October's Sci Fi convention... but let's not rush it...!!

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