Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Editing is a trip...

I was fully prepared to start editing form the start of the book, and think "Man, what was I thinking?"

But I was very pleasantly surprised. Aside from ironing out some inconsistencies for 'facts' that hadn't been entirely decided when I started, it's been a blast to go back and read.

It's kinda like... you've been watching a TV series for years, and then you come to the dramatic conclusion, you start watching the reruns form the start, and you get hit with an odd sense of nostalgia. I find myself thinking "Hey, I remember when that happened!". Polish a couple typos, refine a line here and then, and move on.

This first editing run will be pretty lightweight. I'll miss a ton of typos, I know it.. then another pass or two concentrating on typos and such... I have to create a chapter header graphic also... but overall, this editing this is much less of a chore than I rememeber... then again... I did just start...

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