Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cheryl N., 1981-1999

Ten years ago today, Cheryl N jumped form her 10th floor bedroom window, and was killed. Her 'true love' had betrayed her idealistic heart, and to her, the world ended. She couldn't see how many people loved her, or how many people her death would affect.

Rest in peace, Cheryl.

In happier news, Watching Yute (which will be dedicated to Cheryl) has pretty much completed the first draft stage. More or less. In Lifehack news, I've gotten a boxload of new copies today. Primarily meant for the sci fi convention in october, a few will be circulated in Maple Ridge. Specifically Haney Books, and 'Let The Games Begin'.

In even happier news, today was the party for my daughter Caitlin's 2nd birthday. (Conflict-y day, hmm? I'm glad her actual birthday is not the 24th... this was just the convient day for the party.) I BBQed a mass of grub for the mob of family that came over, and Caitlin was dazzled by the deluge of gifts that she didn't really need.

One such gift was a huggable piggybag, which oinks for a while when you put money in. She loves it. "Money??" she asks. When she gets it, she stuffs it in, and oinks along with the pig. Her oiking is hilarious. A lot of her animal sounds are inspied by how *I* immitate the sound... which is a big too realisitc and difficult for a 2 year old... but she did impress people the other day with her elephant impression. For that matter, she was the only child in a room full that knew what an elephant says.

Back to the pig. It's way past bedtime. She's been crying in her room for a long friggin time now... "MONEYYYYYYY!!!" Geez... what have we started?

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