Friday, June 26, 2009

Yute status, VCON, and Kris story...?

Well, yesterday I passed the halfway point in my final editing run before I print a single copy for the volunteer editing team. After they each get a run though with a highlighter, I do another editing run with their suggestions in hand, then it'll be time to release..!

While it's out of my hands, I'll finalize the cover, and do a pile of marketing work. Tweaking the website, making the bookmarks, etc, etc.

Another thing I considered doing was writing a short story in page-sized installments, here in the blog. It would be about Kris Taylor, the girl that Regan dumps at the start of Lifehack. There's a big gap in what we know about her- it might be fun to see how she got to where she ended up. (minor Lifehack spoiler: she starts as a disloyal civilian tramp , and ends up as a military pilot by the time we next see her)

And the Vancouver Science fiction convention, (VCON) was moved from its location near the King George station, to near the Watreront station. Quite a distance form each other, but abouth the same size of a trip from my place. Still, I was looking forward to seeing the old locaion again. It's not like I have any reason to be loyal to the old location... it was just my first VCON... but it's familair territory now.

Whoops, a lil stinker just crawled up on my lap. Maybe I should shange the lil troublemaker...

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