Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yute in overdrive...!

As I find with any creative process, there’s often a time in the middle of a work, (especially on larger projects) where there’s doubt. Is this going anywhere? Is there any meat beyond the basic concept?
There is also (hopefully) a moment where that doubt is shattered, and the full substance reveals itself, waiting to be fleshed out. Today was that day for Watching Yute. I was worried that a certain spoilerific moment in the plot would be the mark of a downhill slide.

On the contrary, that moment will define so much more than I originally pictured for the book. The characters are very much writing the book for me now.
This spoilerific moment will have to be hinted at in some way in the future, and plastered on the back of the book. I’m just not sure in what manner I’m going to do this just yet.

I’ve set myself a deadline which I hope is realistic. The Vancouver sci-fi convention is in October, and I wanna show up with a new product under my arm. Maybe some posters, too. I have about a hundred pages to go, then volunteer editors again… but I think it can happen…..!
Also, I’ve found a few more ways to link Watching Yute to Lifehack and Echoes.. ways that are more than cheap cameos or name dropping. The time Yute spent on the backurner has been quite worth in, in fermenting ideas.

Just another mention... is a fair chunk prettier than before, and the retail of the tradepaperback of lifehack has dropped to 15.95...!

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