Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yute not so overdriven this week... BUT...

Well, due to some Optimist club homework (I'm the pres! Why do *I* get homework!) which was slowed by some vision problems. (more on that later...) much of my computer time has been taken up... but the bulk of that task is over, allowing me to refocus on yute.

Oh yeah... refocusing. In 2002 or so, not too long after my accident, (cyclist meets mustang, falls in love with a wheelchair he'll spend the rest of his life with, it'd make a great movie) the vision in my right eye started to go. Quickly. Within days, I was essentially blind in my right eye. Depth perception? Ehhh..... well, we'll go see the doc anyway. I had something with a huge long latin name, concerning pressure on my optic nerve. He gave me a few scans, and some drugs, and things started to clear up. I got most of my vision back within days, through a bit out of focus. Over time, the focus has gotten better and better, but never quite perfect. He said if I'd waited longer, the cure would have involved a needle being inserted past my eye. YUM! Oh, and it could all be a sign of potential in my future for MS. Just what I need.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My left eye starts up. As if I was wearing dirty glasses. That came on pretty quick, but not blinding. None the less, the idea of needle/eye interaction got me to a doc sooner rather than later.
Optometrist: "I dunno, looks good, cell me back after the weekend if it hasn't improved."
Well, it either got SLIGHTLY better, or I was just getting better at dealing with it. Reading and doing anything on the computer was still a HUGE pain. I called him back, and he setup an appointment with a specialist- the same guy I saw last time. It's near the end of this month.
If my vision improves much more, I might go in there, and he'll ask "What's seems to be the problem?"
"Waiting lists, appearently."
But if neither eye was going to feel like focusing, I may as well get used to the idea of glasses. That's fine, as long as it's not that kind that seems to be fashionable now.. with the thick side arms. That looks pretty cool on girls, but IMO, they look kinda... starbucks troll on guys. I'm kinda married to my sunglasses... I hope I can find similar frames.. and flip-down shades, I guess... those aut-shading lenses are too slow for me.

Anyway, back to Yute... Next week my wife Michelle, kiddo Caitlin, and my hosted student from Korea, 'Radar' (netsafe codename for her) are taking a trip to Ontario and Montreal to check out schools for Radar. Radar is a responsible young lady, but it would still be daunting to make this trip alone.
As a result, I have nearly a week to ATTACK Watching Yute. Just don't get me started on the difficulties with a list credit card, and the car rental Michelle has in Toronto.. ugh...

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