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Interview with MAJOR SULLYAN from the "Artesans of Albia" series.

 Interview with


Questions posed by Joseph Picard,
Sullyan's answers provided by her creator, Cas Peace.

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JP- Greetings, Major Sullyan, is that the correct way to address you? I'm not military, myself, so I'm not sure about protocol.

S- And my greetings to you. As my name is Sullyan, and I am a Major in High King Elias's forces, you have used the correct form of address. Well done!

JP- I've heard some people calling you a bit of a role model of young women. Would you encourage them to pursue a career in the military?

S- It would certainly please me to be perceived as a role model for Albian women. It would please me more to be a role model for all those who are born with the Artesan gift but do not currently use it, male or female! Too long has there been a tide of mistrust against Artesans, and I would do all I can to turn that tide and encourage those so gifted to nurture their talents.
We are fortunate to have the support of High King Elias in this. As for women entering Albia's military, I am, unfortunately, still unique in my choice of career and likely to remain so, unless the people radically change their ideas. My acceptance by General Blaine and Elias was unprecedented, and due purely to my unusual circumstances. I have had to fight every step of the way to gain the trust and recognition of those in positions of power, and there are many who still believe my presence at the Manor to be a travesty. I have learned to live with that.
Albia's military has given me what I never had as a child - a sense of belonging, friends, and success - and I would deny no one, be they woman or man, the chance to experience such security. But I doubt I could convince many Albian women to join me!

JP- What kind of advice would you give youth who are headed for a military career?

S- Be prepared for some very hard work! Make sure you are able to listen to and accept orders, without questioning. Be aware that you may well be required to lay down your life, whether for your comrades, your officers, or your king. You must put loyalty at the heart of your being, and be prepared to forsake the comforts of home and hearth. But if you have the courage to embrace all that a military life brings, you will find comradeship like you have never known, loyalty so deep it takes your breath away, and the undying gratitude of the High King himself.

JP- So, forgive me if I pry, but is there a special someone out there?

S- All of my friends are special and dear to my heart. I owe my life to General Blaine, and also to my aide, Bulldog, whom I love. But I think you speak of romance, yes? In which case, I am blessed in my Captain and life mate, Robin Tamsen.
I understand there are those who think that a close romantic liaison between a Major and her Captain is unworkable, and at first, so did the General. But Robin and I are as dedicated to serving our king as we are to each other - we always put duty before love. I admit, we did not have the best of starts, and the General was on the verge of transferring Robin away on several occasions. But our love was forged and annealed in fire and tribulation, and we emerged the stronger for it. I believe we are now a formidable team.

JP- Now, there's also been talk about these “Artesan” abilities. Is this something you can speak on? How does one get these kinds of skills? Training? Born with them? Bitten by a magic spider?

S- Bitten by a magic spider? You are so droll! No, my friend, to become an Artesan, you must be born with the talent within you. Yet having innate abilities is not enough. First, you must accept the gift. In some people, it manifests early, as in my own life. In others, it emerges at puberty, or even sometimes in adulthood. Children find it easier, more natural, to accept what they are able to do, while those who realize the gift later in life can find the phenomenon frightening.
Prejudiced parents who discover that their offspring are talented often force these children to suppress their gifts, and this can lead to disorders of the mind. Yet those who embrace their Artesan abilities learn, through rigorous training, how glorious such powers can be.
We, here at the Manor, are constantly working to educate the people of Albia, to convince them that their fears and prejudices are unfounded. Sadly, renegades and raiders from the other realms often undo our labors.

JP- Sounds dangerous, but I suppose that's to be expected. After meeting with you, I have confidence you'll be doing your best. Doubtless you're very busy, so thank you for your time. Stay safe out there, Major!


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