Friday, June 4, 2010

Website renovation, and book supplier hassles.

Site's prettier now, and laid out smarter. I included 3 sources people might be wise to buy my trade paperback* books from, but...

After spreading the love around for "The Book Depository" due to global free shipping, (DESPITE taking their bleedin' time to put up images to my books, and DESPITE a really crappy royalty rate), my books are mysteriously "Out of stock" there now. How is it said over there? Bollocks? Quite.

Ohhh, with any luck, it is a momentary hiccup. If not, I'll just have to remove them as sources on my page, hm? More money for Amazon then, and better royalties for me. At least Amazon will give free shipping to a US buyer who gets more than one of my books at once.. It's better than nothing.

One-book buyers and non-US buyers may as well skip amazon and go though Createspace, where I get the BEST royalties. Erf. It's always a pain to pay shipping though, isn't it?

Well, for the truly frugal, there's always e-book versions of all my stuff. Assuming you're okay with reading off of a screen.

*2 good sources of e-books are on the page as well, and one source for hardcovers... BUT, I'm investigating an option that could get my retail price for hardcovers closer to $20.. which would be quite nice.

hmm... I see my books are finally carried on Amazon finally got that sorted out... .UK, too... this will take a bit more fiddling to get optimal....

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