Friday, February 19, 2010

Joss Wheadon needs to give me $1,000,000.oo

I know he's not looking for submissions, but I think he'll throw a million bucks at me for the chance to turn my novels into movies. I could possibly endure seeing his skills applied to my stories. The money will help me endure. He should get on EBAY ASAP, since it's only a week long auction:

There's also info there where people can get the ebooks free for the next month or so, but that's secondary.

They have a lot of stuff Joss likes. Strong female leads, sci fi, drama, action, humour, strong female romantic interests for the strong female leads, cookies. Joss likes cookies, doesn't he? If only I could get this info into his hands. Alternatively, Ms. Dushku should know that I have her underwear. I don't, but it might get her over here.


Clint Johnson said...

So, one of the first things you would do if you had a lot of money was set your own ideas aside and pay $1 million to work on someone else's idea?

I'm afraid that Joss gets paid millions of dollars if he has to work on other peoples ideas instead of his own.

Hell, there are people lined up to pay him ten million dollars a year to work on his own ideas.

There are a couple of ideas I have that I would love to pay Joss to showrun... now I just need the millions of dollars he gets paid.

Joseph Picard said...

(psst, clint... I might not have been serious...!)

Clint Johnson said...

Yes, but I usually have the knee-jerk reaction of giving a deadpan response to sarcasm, double entendres, puns and jokes.

Strangely, I find enjoyment and humour in being that most unheralded fulcrum of comedy... I am the straight man.