Friday, November 27, 2009

Operation eBook drop

So I recently put my ebooks up on a site called "Smashwords". I think I mentioned it before, along with the huge half-book long samples I have there.

Anyway, somehow or another, I hear about OeBD. Authors (Creeping up to 300 of us now) agree to donate free access to our e-books to troops overseas. Apparently, ebooks, with the mobility and convenience they offer, are popular with the troops, but access to them is a little on the tricky side.

The thing it, OeBD mainly supports US and UK troops... which hey, we're all on the same side, (Give or take the controversy over us being there at all- but this is about the individuals out there, not the policies that got them there), and as a Canadian, I want to help connect OeBD's organizer with a solder or more, who can offer the program to Canadian troops.

Anyone got a contact over there, who might wanna help out a bit?

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