Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roll for warranty. 20? AWESOME.

One quick note before I get to the main purpose of this post. Yute is now nicely embedded into Amazon. Check my corner of Amazon here. They have awesome shipping. If someone got both books, they qualify for free shipping! For those of you with pre-orders, they've been printed, and will probably be in my hands within the week.

Roll for warranty. 20? AWESOME.

If life was D&D, I just rolled a 20. Actually, this was a slimmer change than a 20 sided die can express. Better make it percentile dice. Well... if you wanna be literal, I hope you have a 129,600 sided die, cuz I rolled 129,600.

Some time ago, my playstation 3 decided to break down. Warranty was gone, but it wasn't SO expensive to get it fixed. Cheaper than getting a new one by far. This also came with a new warranty for 90 days.

Today? Poof. Dead again. Statistically, PS3s don't break down much, but it is one of the first models. With much less angsty stress than last time, (before my wife absorbed the words, she seemed to take my joyous sarcasm seriously) I went about my business of starting a virus scan on a computer before calling sony's tech line. I started the scan, then switch to a web browser to look up the number.

I started dialing, beep boop bop. My wife heard the dialing from the other room as I navigated the automated menus. "They're probably closed by now." she said. Well, I was planning on waiting for the virus scan anyway, I could do two waiting tasks at once. Efficiency in waiting.

"Well, a machine just told me I have about 15 minutes to wait, so.."

The hold music was interrupted regularly saying that I could get faster service by going through the website. I figured that to be false.. the website probably would just instruct me to make sure it was plugged in, and not dipped in boiling yak feces. I used to work computer repairs. I know enough that yak feces should always be applied at room temperature. What kind of noob do they take me for?

He got my basic info, and tapped up my file. I explained what the PS3 was doing. Just like last time, it would try to boot up, and a second into the boot up sequence, the happy blue light flashed yellow, then went right to a flashing red as the drives powered down.

"Ah, I see you had service recently. Can I put you on hold while I check your warranty?"
"Yeah, sure." It didn't feel like so long since I had to have it serviced before, so I was pretty confident.

Hold music, la la la.

"Sir? Thanks for waiting."
"No prob."
"Well, technically, we're closed right now, but when someone calls our department before close and gets put on hold, we finish up all callers on hold before actually shutting down."
"Your call was in the system less than ONE MINUTE before closing time!"
"And THIS is the last day of your warranty."
"Holy crap!!"

90 days x 24 hours, x 60 minutes = 129,600 minutes where I could have called in a malfunction and gotten free repair and shipping, and I got the very last one. One specific minute in three months time.

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