Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Echos or Echoes?

Alright, the name of book 3 is changed. It will be ECHOES of Erebus. Echos is also an accepted spelling, but it seems echoes is more common. Feh. Not that I want to be a slave to conformity, I just don't want to have to be explaining it all the time.

Hey, preorder people! I'll have my stock of Yutes sometime over the weekend, so y'all get in line! :P

In non-book news, we now have a full house again.. I'll have to think of new codenames for them, a german girl and a spanish girl. They seem quite sane and pleasant however, and are not likely to inflict such interesting stories as a couple students in the past.

And 2 minutes ago, the courier took away my ps3... fly swift and true, I need my PS3 back to start the littleBIGplanet contest, where I'm giving away a few copies of Watching Yute...!

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