Sunday, April 20, 2008

So long, Lucy

Our dog, Lucy, has gone to a better place. Somewhere in Burnaby. (Did I fool ya?) We stuck her up on Craigslist for free to a good home, because after 3 and a half years here, "Pain in the butt" had been turning into "Look, this just ain't workin out."

One of our neighbors has a couple dogs trained as attack dogs. They've already attacked our tenant's puppy who snuck under the fence, and later the 2 attack dogs snuck under another fench to chump on another neighbor's dog. When you have kids, why are you training your gods with padded "maul me" sleeves?

The other reason we wanted Lucy outta here is Caitlin. They get along GREAT. Except at meal time. Caitlin likes to share, and Lucy doesn't know when enough is enough. And yes, we did try a lot of things to make peace, but the beagle in her found a way to destroy all possible solutions in one way or the other.

I tried to put her on Craigslist once, and couldn't make myself submit the posting, but a week later, I managed it. I felt better once I got it through my head she's be going to another home, not a wood chipper. The home she went to has a 7 year old boy and a beagle/terrier, so that family is used to breeds with attitude. They go for daily walks in a dog park, and overall, it sounds like a great place for Lucy.

Say Aah!

At 10 and a half months, Caitlin's 7th and 8th teeth are finally peeking out, surrounding her 2 lower middle teeth. Crawling is a mastered art now. Standing without support has happened many times, but not for long. I think a solid 7 second count is the current record. And she has dance fever. Tunes from a few select noisy toys can get her rockin' out like there's no tomorrow. For food, she generally has whatever we're having, cut into manageable chunks in many cases, but a bottle now and then can supplement dinner if it's something she want very fond of.. though she seems to like most things..!
Check Caitlin's site here.

Optimism in the streets

The MeadowRidge Optimist Club will soon have it's won website which I'm putting together with design/content guidance from the rest of the club. When it's up, the address will be posted here, on some business cards for members to hand out to whoever, and some signs for generic uses.

These signs will be making their first appearance at the first annual MeadowRidge Optimsit Walk for youth, which will be a part of the Pitt Meadows Day parade

Lifehack and Watching Yute

2nd edition of Lifehack is in the hands of my last of many volunteer editors. And maybe my dad might take a crack too.

Yute is still being chipped away at. Not much of a page count increase over 130, but a lot of segments are getting streamlined, and re-sorted from the sort of 'sketchbook' phase that many scenes get written in originally.

Game On

I'm pretty much done my Oblivion addiction, looking forward to LittleBigPlanet, Home, and Bionic Commando: ReArmed. (2d gameplay! SLICK 3d graphics!)

Now playing: Crash Bandicoot:Warped (had an urge for some platforming) and FF7. Why FF7 all of a sudden? Blame Advent Children. Sure, the flick isn't new, but it triggered new toys! Right now I'm surrounded by AC and original costume versions of Cloud and Tifa, original Aeris, and AC Vincent and Sephy, which I've been buying one by one since AC originally came out. I'm not trying to get them all, but 'Reno' is on my 'get me' list. Anyway, I guess having all these guys standing around got me in the mood to play the game.

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