Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yute Page 130

Today I wrote the 130th page of Watching Yute. It's a pretty depressing section, and right now the writing takes a lot out of me. When I'm done for a bit, I'm wrecked, wanna cry, but feel darn satisfied..

I want to get at least as many pages as Lifehack (2nd edition) is, (230-ish), so I'm more than half way now. There's still lots of story to tell.

One thing I have problems communicating to people is that even though Yute takes place in the same fictional country as Lifehack, and some events from Lifehack are triggers for events in Yute, they're almost entirely separate stories. I want Yute to be readable by people who have no idea what Lifehack is about, and at the end of Yute, they'll only have the foggiest idea of what things may have been from any previous story. (On that note, Doc Brock is back, and gets a TINY bit more fleshed out)

Yute is also a very different beast than Lifehack. I can describe Lifehack as an adventure in many ways. Yute isn't. Aside from a minor confrontation near the start, the first actual threatening ACTION happens around page 80.

Will Yute appeal to the Lifehack readers? Hopefully. Yute is as different from Lifehack and I am a different writer than I was in... hm... 2002? 2003? When I started Lifehack.. Well, I could analyze all the different points in that, but I just dont have the time right now! Ha!

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