Monday, July 2, 2007

Facebook, Lifehack, Baby

I'm laying here with a laptop on my chest, and baby Cailtin napping peacefully beside me. Today she's 5 weeks and one day.

I discovered yesterday that the first quarter of AZU-1:Lifehack doesn't have a chapter 8.
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9, etc. Aside from my own stupidity, it just reinforces that with volunteer proofreaders, you get what you pay for. Heehee.

In other news, I've been suckered into joining Facebook. Wanna add me? Well, look to the right, there's my name. Hook it up

Oh! I came to a new conclusion about the proofreading of the new Lifehack revision. I don't know if posting a flyer in SFU is my style... therefore, I'm considering a contest...

When the time comes, I think I'll be give out the E-book for free, before the hardcopy. Partly for promo. Then the contest will be that whoever writes to me with the most typos found (that I USE.. some are intentional) will get a free copy of the hardcopy. Maybe the top 3 or something.

Sound like a good idea?


Victoria Masters said...

Either I can't use facebook or I'm missing something. I do a search but (obviously) you're not in my network. Can you post your network (either here or over at Lulu)?

Joseph Picard said...

I gotcha on facebook, but for the record, I'm in the Vancouver, BC network.