Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lifehack progress

Well, the revision is about at 25% done. When that's done, I'll be getting a private printing to farm out to some univ. lit student to run through for typos and such. I have no idea what to pay for that sort of thing.
Some have told me that the students don't care; they just want it for their resumes. None the less, paying something does influence a bit of motivation to actually get something done.

When that stage is underway, I can work on the cover(s).. One for the trade paperback, one for the requested hardcover. U promised I'd post an image of what I have so far, didn't I?

Ahh, I should have saved a better level of JPG, but you get the point. The title is also just a holdover form the last over.

As far as some changes that have happened in the story from the first edition:
  • Jonathan Coll gets a bit more focus early on
  • The architecture of Autar has been changed to be less 'Midgar'-ish.
  • Jonathan will no longer be choosing the name 'Anubis'. Stargate made the name too famous. He will instead choose 'Erebus', a similarly themed entity.
  • The character 'Anne' will now be called 'Erika'. My apologies to the real-life Anne I know who was happy to have her name in the book. Blame Richard Dean Anderson.
  • We get to see Regan breaking up with Kris, instead of just hearing about it.
  • Various added little touches that no one will notice. More description, clarification, digits for numbers all changed to full spellings, ('5' becomes 'five')
  • Font size changed from 11 to 10.
  • Formatting made more standardized in terms of paragraphs, tabs, etc.
  • Extras section nuked.
  • The existance of the four sections will be erased, and turned into one whole piece.
  • Table of contents removed.
  • "AZU-" removed from title
  • Due to formatting changes and the loss of the extras section, page count will be considerably lower, resulting in a lower end price.
  • Lancer will have some more elaboration, and more details about them will be revealed.
I think that's it off the top of my head.

Other than that, it's the exact same thing, except:
  • Joss Wheadon is no longer my director of choice, Uwe Boll is.
  • Alisia has been turned into a guy named Al.
  • Regan's now straight, and all traces of lesbian content have been removed.
  • The zombies are now civil war re-creationists with chronic halitosis.
You believe me, right?


digable said...
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digable said...

I went over to Lulu to check out your preview, and it definitely has grabbed my interest. I'm all about zombies. I think the changes you call the various little touches will make the story flow more smoothly and give the prose a more crisp, clean look.

By the way, got here through OP9.